Over the next few years we intend to run a number of activities on Brookfield to promote our work around automation. As well as continuing our weekly Science sessions at Soundskills we will also be running regular events at other venues on the estate.

Our first event will be at the school on Wednesday 4th April. A family activity session with the theme of ‘future Brookfield: 2032’, which will be a series of art & science activities – some of which come together as an installation to create a future vision for the estate.

Activities include:

  • Experiments around magnetism, chemical reaction, propulsion & future travel options, magnetism etc
  • Lego robot & Sphero robot abstract painting (coding)
  • Build a life size robot suit
  • ‘Mini Me’ robot craft
  • Future housing painting and model design
  • Engineering demonstrations
  • Space slime

At Soundskills we will be developing a Maker Space where new technologies such as 3D printing & coding will be utilised to assess whether:

  • Small scale manufacturing can be developed & sustained
  • Apps can be developed that have a use locally
  • We can get young people & elders working together.