This initiative is in line with our sustainable approach to creative community development, our operational  independence and conversations with individual residents, development partners and observation over the last 20 years. It is also in response to:

  • the present assault on public service support, particularly health & social care
  • the city of Prestons desire to develop local economies
  • our desire to be more economically sustainable & green
  • the inevitable increase in the use of automation within various industries and its impact on the labour market

By the time the 4th industrial revolution ‘automation’ is hitting its stride (2030) Brookfield will have created a culture of ‘caring for each other’. A culture that has:

  • embraced the use of cutting edge technologies to improve the health & wellbeing, education & carbon footprint of people in their homes and through the Soundskills centre
  • countered the major changes in the labour market that automation has brought, through:

– the creation of technology based employment & sustainable income generation for the estate and a healthy local economy model

– the development of meaningful voluntary roles on the estate (a new kind of career)

– ensuring that the importance of quality ‘human to human’ connection is central to everything we do and that ‘time saved’ for people by automation, is ‘time well spent’

  • created a 20 year strategy to further embrace new technologies from a balanced ‘community development’ perspective
  • established long-term partnerships with voluntary, statutory & commercial organisations & bodies.